Laser Tag

CQ Tactical Laser Tag is Tampa Bay’s First Tactical Laser Tag Facility.

CQ Tactical is going to make you forget everything you thought you knew about laser tag.We’re not the lasertag that’s been around for over 30 years, where kids run wild in a black-lit arena with cumbersome vests and plastic neon guns. Our intense game play takes place in a military setting and is focused on 12 mission-style objectives using state of the art metal, military-grade, red-dot scope laser tag weapons. Come in today and experience the adrenaline rush of Close-Quarter-Tactical Laser Tag on our indoor Ammo Depot and our outdoor FOB (Forward Operating Base).

Choose Your Battlefield

SMG Sessions
Advance weaponry, all new and exclusive missions, player's stats in real time. This is the next level of game play you have been wanting. SMG sessions are played in the Indoor Arena.
Indoor Arena
With room after room of hiding spaces and tight corners, this is Close Quarter tactical laser tag to the fullest. With a variety of missions unique to each session, you and your team will learn team work and strategy while having a great time doing it. The most unique laser tag experience available in Tampa Bay. 
Outdoor Field
Fast action, cover points, and a .50 CAL mowing down the field of competitors. A more open experience than the indoor arena but you will still learn tactics and team work needed to win. The outdoor field has unique missions to take full advantage of the course. For a whole new experience, play the field at night where the only sight of your enemies is the muzzle flashes and the head sensors lighting up with a hit. Added bonus: a chance to fire off the .50 CAL at your opponents. So good.
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MP5 Stinger Laser Tag Gun
MP5 Stinger
By far our most popular laser tag gun in the Armory. The MP5 Stinger was designed with help from Special Forces team operations for realistic weight and feel. The Stinger is both light and agile, allowing for quick targeting and reaction needed in our tactical laser tag combat scenarios. The MP5 Stinger runs a 30 round magazine and a 3 round burst.
M4 Assault Rifle Laser Tag Gun
M4 Assault Rifle
The M-4 is the workhorse of the United States Military and is a popular choice among our experienced players. It’s very accurate, allowing a skilled player to stand their ground even when facing 2 or 3 of the enemy at once. The M-4 is equipped with a bi-pod for use as a laser tag sniper rifle, comes complete with a 40 round magazine and is fully automatic allowing for a high rate of fire.
IK47 Assault Rifle Laser Tag Gun
AK47 Assault Rifle
The AK-47 is the worlds most popular and iconic assault rifle. The heaviest and largest gun in our armory, we named it the “Big Boy” gun. This rifle is harder to manage but delivers massive damage per shot as compared to its smaller friends, the MP5 and M4. The AK-47 runs a 40 round magazine and is fully automatic.
M2 50-Cal Laser Tag Gun
M2 50-CAL
Need we say more……. the 50-cal is the showpiece weapon of our armory. This monster makes our outdoor field the ultimate tactical laser tag experience. Good luck if you're on the wrong end of this weapon.

The key to CQ Tactical Laser Tag is Close-Quarters-Tactical game-play

No matter your age or experience, you’ll be working as a member of a squad….devising and executing a plan to accomplish your mission within the time limits.  You and your squad members need to stay alert, while moving from room to room, avoiding obstacles and taking enemy fire every step of the way.
Think Call of Duty or Halo game-play is intense?  Wait until your adrenalin starts flowing as you enter our course and play it for real!  At CQ Tactical you will finally have the opportunity to test the skills you’ve learned via gaming, movies, or tactical training in our indoor arena.  For an even more intense physical experience, try our outdoor FORWARD OPERATING BASE!
CQ Tactical also offers the ultimate birthday party for boys or girls, corporate team building, weekend family activities, boy’s night out and yes-even girls night out! If you and your friends, families, or coworkers are looking for a unique, thrilling experience, come out and take the challenge today!
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